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2016 Home School Maker Sessions and 2016 Summer Maker Camps!

We’re gearing up for a repeat of our amazing Summer Maker Camps, as well as introducing a pilot program to bring Maker Education to the Alternative Education and Home Schooling communities!  Check out the new sections of our site for more information and stay tuned for the signup links!

Maker Camp 2015 Was Amazing!

Over 5 weeks of grueling creativity and Making, we had more than 30 kids run through a slew of hands-on Maker skills and incredible projects!  We’ve had fantastic feedback from campers and parents, and want to thank our instructors, Evan and Sven, for making this camp so special!

SLO Maker Academy Summer Maker Camp 2015 is Here!


Do you want your child to have a summer camp experience unlike anything else available?  SLO Maker Academy will be getting back to our roots with everything from basic woodworking to 3D printing, to free-form creative building.  We’ll be bringing STE(A)M-style education to our campers at every opportunity,  fostering independent thinking, problem-solving, and enriching your child by combining traditional craft and creativity, with disruptive technologies and concepts, as well as learning to fail and grow.

Maker Camp this year will be June 29th-August 7th, 9am-4pm, weekdays. Over the 6 weeks, subjects will include basic shop safety, 3D printing, CNC router, vinyl/stencil cutter, dremel station, pottery, metalworking, sewing, soldering electronics, and more!

The cost is $249/week or $1,399 for all 6 weeks. Sign up and pay via PayPal with the links below. Email with any questions.

Click here to go to the sign-up page at SLO MakerSpace!

Build, Learn, Hack, Grow!

SLO-Maker-Academy-Logo-smSLO Maker Academy is a proud to announce the beginning of a new paradigm in hands-on education for kids and adults.  Do you remember your middle school shop class?  Most of us still use those skills today, even though less and less kids are getting those same experiences now.  What is the answer?  Open-source education in a community Maker Space, Hacker Space, or shared shop, where community members, students, entrepreneurs, tinkerers, and artists can gather, collaborate, share ideas, and share knowledge.

New technologies such as 3D printing and accessible CNC machines, easy to use microprocessing platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and a wider array of equipment that the school shops of yesteryear, allow modern Maker education to prepare people not just to build simple projects, but to design and prototype ideas into reality.

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